The Design Process

I design jewelry I want to wear. That's the first and most important part.

In fact, that's how Studio Kittie started -- I couldn't find jewelry that was beautiful when worn and also supported my intuitive work, so I started making my own.  

Every Studio Kittie design is totally unique, and handwoven to order for its wearer. 

The design process starts in my mind's eye. Sometimes I'll be daydreaming, or out in nature, or working on some image editing, when inspiration strikes. Most often I can see the finished piece clearly in my mind, although sometimes it's more an instinctual feeling for how it should look and support its wearer. I spend a few moments clarifying the purpose behind the design before researching which stones, crystals, and talismanic charms will match the energetic design when combined together. It's important to know what the jewelry will help its wearer accomplish; manifestation jewelry requires a different creation mindset and energetic workspace than emotional support jewelry.

Once I understand the energetic combination, and the overall support and guidance the piece of jewelry will bring to its owner, I channel the idea into reality by weaving everything together with natural hemp cord or leather. I do this in a quiet, positive space, and I tie every knot with loving and fierce intention. By the time the piece is complete, it contains hundreds of knots, each encapsulating the energetic imprint of the overall healing medicine.