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Do you wish you had more control over your day-to-day life?

Have you ever felt paralyzed when it was time to make a big decision?

Would you love to experience more clarity about Life, the Universe, and Everything… and your role in it? 

Good news! You’re in the right place, and I can help.

Kittie Bernott Tarot Reader & Intuitive Jeweler

Kittie Bernott
Tarot Reader & Intuitive Jeweler

I have been utterly fascinated with the art of Tarot since I was 15 years old, when I spent every penny I had in my backpack on my first Tarot deck! I was enchanted by the cards, and I got a physical thrill every time I did a reading. Most importantly, I felt an energetic connection that allowed me to channel wisdom. When I asked the right questions - I got very specific answers!

I still do. My medicine is to share my intuition and experience with the world, and I would love to use my skills as both a Tarot reader and a jewelry designer to help you!

Tarot is an engaging and practical method of interpreting the wisdom and guidance blooming from that which is best in all of us. We call it by many different names - God, The Force, The Divine, Quantum Energy, The Soul - it is a presence, ready and waiting to assist us. But you don't have to name it, understand it or even believe in it to experience its life-changing benefits -- because I do that part for you.

I love the way you were able to pull together the essence of what I was asking about... it was perfect. Really quite spot on... so very supportive!
— Michelle Smith

What makes Talismana Tarot unique?

  1. My special system allows you to experience the heartfelt connection and immediate insights of an in-person Tarot reading from wherever you are - anywhere in the world! 
  2. Once I know your question, I pull your cards and video record your reading in real time, then send it to you so you can watch and hear every energetic nuance of your message at it emerges.
  3. I also send you a beautiful Talismana Tarot Guide in PDF format that explains your reading, and each specific card, in colorful detail - complete with photographs of your cards' unique spread.

In addition to the above, I can encapsulate the energetic medicine of your Tarot reading in a piece of jewelry that I weave specifically to support and amplify your intuitive gifts.

  • Choose from a custom-made and hand-woven Talismana Bracelet or Talismana Necklace, which are completely unique jewelry creations that we design and empower together.
  • Your Talismana Tarot jewelry will hold both the imprint of your tarot reading and the messages I channel therein, and also the deep intuitive medicine I divine from our creation session.
  • And, because your Talismana Tarot jewelry is custom-woven based on your energetic needs, I personally source materials with the exact energetic resonance required to amplify your Talismana's ongoing energetic support. It's jewelry for your heart and your soul.
Let me start by saying I love your voice. The reading could have gone on for hours and I would have listened to every word. And reading the PDF brought tears to my eyes... this has truly been amazing.
— Jeremy K.

The Art of Tarot is built on centuries of positive and artistic energy work for the betterment of humanity. It has evolved into a practical tool for understanding our higher selves. Insight, advice, and answers are truly just a reading away.

Praise for Talismana Tarot

  • That was seriously the most magical thing I've experienced in this life. I am so honored that you put your heart and WHOLE SPIRIT into that tarot reading. That was AWE-MAZING... it shifted me higher, it took me deeper... it was 100% affirming of everything I've done and am doing. I honestly am speechless. - Katie Anderson, flower essences practitioner, www.blog.herbsandalchemy.com
  • My gratitude to you for my reading. It was spot on. I am so happy for you doing this work. Please keep it up for the world and you. I feel at peace. - Helena B.
  • Whaaa! I had chills throughout the whole reading… I’m buzzing all over… I have this really big nudge that this reading is of the utmost importance. Really brilliant! - Christine L.

Talismana Tarot FAQ

+ What is Tarot?

The word "Tarot" most commonly refers to two things: physical Tarot cards, and the act of interpreting the cards' messages, aka "reading Tarot" or "pulling Tarot."

Original Tarot decks were packs of Italian playing cards, used to play specific card games. Though they featured suites, they were different from numerical playing cards in that each card featured an illustrated scene.

Then, between the 1500s and 1700s, people began to use Tarot cards as divination tools. There are some fascinating origin stories, with the first formal Divination or Occult deck arriving in 1785. This new form of Tarot gained popularity across Europe, with various deck styles unique to different countries.

+ What decks do you use?

I currently use three different decks to read Tarot:

  • The Rider-Waite deck was originally published in 1910 and is one of the most recognizable decks, having appeared in movies and music videos. The artwork borrows heavily from original Italian designs and utilizes a primary color palate. I like this deck for its traditional feel and symbolism; the images are straightforward and tell a clear story.

  • The Golden deck features artwork derived from European masters paintings, emphasizing the look and feel of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Rich colors and gilded edges give the cards an elegant, traditional feeling. I like this deck because it evokes the rich artistic era when Tarot was first evolving.

  • The Paulina Cassidy deck is a whimsical departure from the more traditional decks. The artist uses curving lines, muted colors and fantastical imagery to generate a backdrop where anything seems possible. I notice tiny new details every time I read the cards! I like this deck because it is friendly and playful - even the traditionally “heavy” cards feel optimistic yet mysterious.

+ What spreads do you use?

I currently use three different spreads to read Tarot:

  • The Celtic Cross spread is excellent for divining insight into questions or situations with lots of specific circumstances. The cards work together to identify the central issue, how the timeline of your life has been an influence, and how the forces at work will help you shape the eventual outcome.

I like to use this spread for questions that are grounded in the physical world, e.g. “What can I do to earn a promotion at work?” or “My Dad is impossible to shop for, what should I get him for his birthday?”

  • The Wheel of Fortune spread is perfect for seeking answers and guidance during times of change, upheaval or emotional confusion. The cards showcase elements that are simultaneously occurring as people or events, but also as aspects or archetypes of the greater life cycles through which we all move.

I like to use this spread for questions or concerns that deal with the intangibles - emotion, fate, love, and healing are all good examples. I would use this spread to answer questions like, “I am so scared to get on a plane and fly to Europe by myself, what can I do to feel more brave?” or “Why is my girlfriend always angry at me all of a sudden?”

  • The Intuition Invocation spread is my own personal design. I use it to do my own personal readings nearly all the time.

Instead of shuffling the deck, pulling cards from the top, and laying them out in a particular pattern, I continue to shuffle the deck and hold the question in my mind’s eye until cards actively move or fall out of the deck onto the table. Sometimes they literally jump out! When I sense all the cards that need reading have emerged, I put the deck down and turn my full attention to the cards on the table, arranging them in the way that feels right. I then read the message just like I would with any other spread.

I use the Intuition Invocation spread when the question or concern at hand is too complex to sum up neatly. I also use it when I intuit that it is best to hear what the universe has to say. Sometimes there are ten cards, sometimes only one — but the message is always to the point.

A fun story that showcases this spread’s accuracy:

One morning I read Tarot for my husband, who was feeling trapped and despondent in a stressful job. I chose to use the Intuition Invocation because my primary goal was to pass on a message of hope and encouragement from his particular guides. I shuffled the deck, holding the space for a positive message, and five cards fell out onto the table. I arranged them, read them - and then re-read them three times. The message was incredibly accurate, communicating to him exactly how to navigate a tumultuous time with grace and expectation of a positive outcome in the middle future… but it just didn’t seen to apply! I was baffled, but I trusted that the message was accurate, even if the time for it was not now. I wrote down the cards and message and set it aside.

Months later, my husband was forced to leave his stressful job in an unfair way. The situation was very challenging, but within four months he had a new job with improved income at a far more ethical company. I had totally forgotten about his reading, but I came across it in my Tarot journal, and when I read the message from a place of hindsight I realized the cards had completely mapped out the journey he would be making as he transitioned from a workplace viewpoint of negativity to positivity.

I felt very silly for not remembering to pass along the cards’ message to him sooner (an oversight I have since rectified) but it was a potent reminder for me — the cards are always helpful, even if we can’t see how right away.

+ Where do you read Tarot cards?

I primarily read Tarot in my jewelry studio, close to the spaces I have set up to energetically infuse my materials. If the weather is nice (and not too breezy) I will sometimes read cards outside. And, of course, I have a special carrying bag for my decks - Have Tarot, Will Travel!

+ Why should I get a Tarot reading?

You know that feeling you get when you talk to a trusted friend about something that's really bugging you, and they offer insight or advice that's so spot on, you get goosebumps and have a EUREKA moment? My Tarot readings deliver that deep, heart-based level of insight and clarity - and you don't even have to leave the house.

Tarot cards are tools, and in the hands of a skilled reader, they paint a picture of how the past, present and future are interacting and influencing your life. It doesn't matter if your question is broad or specific, the cards will deliver insightful and helpful feedback.

I truly believe Tarot is helpful to everyone, because it is a practical tool that helps you gain clarity and get in better touch with your intuition, which in turn helps you make important decisions with confidence and peace of mind.

If you're curious what a Tarot reading with me is like, I encourage you to take a look at this sample guide and listen to this audio recording of myself doing a reading in real time. I deliver all this - and more! - to my querents.

If you still have doubts about Tarot and the process of having a reading done, I encourage you to contact me and ask any questions you might have.

+ What can I expect from my reading?

  1. The very first thing you do when you purchase your reading is pick your Tarot deck and card spread of choice. That personalizes the reading and helps me align with your unique energy.
  2. Next, I will be in touch via email to help you frame your question or concern into a Tarot-friendly inquiry. The cards can speak to any question or concern, but the wording we use is important!
  3. Once I know your question, I set aside time - usually an hour or so - to do your reading and document the message via recording. I sit in a quiet space and shuffle the deck of Tarot cards while focusing on your question. My intuition tells me when the time is right to pull the cards.
  4. As I lay the cards out in the spread of your choice, I narrate out loud which cards are appearing, and why they are symbolic in their particular positions. Once all the cards are pulled, I review their meanings, and then deliver the overall message they are conveying.
  5. You will receive a video or audio recording (your choice) of my entire narration, so you can listen to the message whenever you like! Click here to listen to a sample recording.
  6. I also create for you a custom PDF guide that features photos of your unique reading and text of my interpretations. It's really fun to review the PDF while listening to the recording. Click here to view a sample PDF.

The true gift of Tarot is illumination into those dark and tricky corners of life. The cards can't tell us specific dates or times, or yes/no answers, but they can absolutely guide us in the direction of our dreams by showing us the wise, or unwise, choices that lie in our path.

+ How long does a reading take, and when do I receive it?

The reading itself takes about an hour. This involves settling into a quiet mindset, holding your question with intent, shuffling the cards, pulling the cards, and recording the results in real time. Afterwards, I compile your comprehensive PDF guide to your reading, including photographs of your cards and a thorough explanation of the card meanings and my interpretation of their message.

After you purchase a reading, I send you a personal email with information and space for you to write down the question or concern you wish the cards to address. I conduct your reading, and send you your recording and personal guide, within 3 business days of receiving your question.

If you purchase a reading and a Talismana Pendant, you will receive your recording and PDF guide within the 72 hour timeframe. The Talismana jewelry creation process usually takes another 7-10 business days to complete. It is a deeply intuitive and creative process, because I work with you one-on-one to learn what kind of jewelry you love and how your Talismana Pendant can best serve you. I also order custom components for your jewelry based on our exploration, to ensure your Talismana is completely unique. With shipping time, expect to receive your Talismana Pendant within 2-3 weeks.

All Studio Kittie jewelry arrives in a ribbon-wrapped gift box, ready to wear.

If you have questions about the process, or would like to discuss the timing of a gift, email me and let's explore!

+ Can I give a Tarot reading as a gift?


  1. Click on the reading you would like to gift
  2. Add to cart and continue to Checkout
  3. Enter your Billing information
  4. Fill out the Gift Options section
  5. Complete the purchase

If you are purchasing a reading that includes jewelry, be sure to enter the gift recipient's address as the Shipping Address, and include their email address in the Notes section so I can email them about their question. All Studio Kittie jewelry arrives in a ribbon-wrapped gift box. I also include a gorgeous printable 5x7” Studio Kittie gift certificate, so you have something to wrap and personally present on the special day!

+ Can you use Tarot to predict the future?

No, I cannot. Tarot is an amazing divination tool, but the cards do not provide Yes/No answers, or give specific Dates/Times on which to act.

Through a combination of symbolism and allegory, Tarot cards tell a story to the reader - a story that contains one or more messages specifically for the question asker.

As a reader of Tarot, I use my intuition and experience to tell as rich and detailed a story as possible, but only you - the question asker - will know the true significance of the message therein.

That being said, Tarot does deliver specific guidance and advice! For example, if you were to ask the question, "When is a good time to buy a new car?" the cards might not say "Next Tuesday at 8pm," but they could deliver a message that reads something like, "Now is not the right time to splurge on expensive purchases. Wait until you complete the project you're working on, and you'll find yourself in a more fiscally stable position."

Tarot gives us the double-sided gift of guidance and caution, which in turn helps us avoid or more gracefully navigate the rocky areas of life, so we might always travel as smooth a road as possible.