The Talismana Jewelry Collection


Talismannoun: A decorated object, worn as an amulet or charm; anything that exercises a powerful influence on feelings or actions.

Mananoun: An elemental or supernatural force or power, which may be embodied in an object or person.


Inside you dwells the power to create your own reality.

Anything you desire becomes yours when you believe and take action in the direction of your dreams.

TALISMANA are powerful pieces of totemic jewelry that harness the creative forces of the universe. Each bracelet and necklace is hand-woven for you alone, in your choice of 25+ colors, and is energetically designed to help you exercise creative power in any desired area of your life. 

When you wear your TALISMANA, you embrace your divinity. You channel your power as a creator. You shape the reality you desire. 

Are you ready?