The Mythical Magic Jewelry Collection

Only to a magician is the world forever fluid, infinitely mutable and eternally new. Only she knows the secret of change, only she knows truly that all things are crouched in eagerness to become something else, and it is from this universal tension that she draws her power.
— Peter S. Beagle

We keep mythical creatures as the heart of our greatest stories and legends because they encapsulate larger-than-life energies and teach us the alchemy of transmuting the impossible into reality.

  • Dragon shows us the path to inner strength and golden abundance.
  • Fairy helps us be one with nature while making wishes come true.
  • Mermaid graces us with intuitive flow and finding buried treasure.
  • Phoenix teaches us to reinvent our lives and grow something from nothing.
  • Unicorn guides us to centered emotions and spiritual empowerment.

Each Mythical Magic design is handwoven with natural leather cord and semiprecious crystal beads, hand selected to energetically amplify the mythical creature's core wisdom and empowerment.

Whether you choose a bracelet or a necklace, when you wear Mythical Magic, you imbue yourself and all your efforts with healing wisdom, emotional empowerment, and amplified abundance.