About Studio Kittie

Every Studio Kittie creation is energetically empowered to help you discover your unique balance between inner nature and the modern world.

  • Stunning jewelry that awakens and amplifies your connection to your inner nature, and the natural world around you.
  • Divination packages designed to bring you conscious clarity and peace of mind, tailored to your exact experience.
  • Or a combination of the two!

There is deep magic within each of us. When we tap into it, we are able to shape the life of our dreams. And because we are individually powerful creators, we must discover the unique balance that exists between our inner nature and the modern world around us. 

Discovering this unique balance between inner nature and the modern world can be as simple as wearing talismanic jewelry, or as complex as undergoing a journey of self-discovery. Every Studio Kittie creation features crystals, talismanic charms, and semi-precious stones - each with a precise energetic imprint - as gorgeous pieces of wearable art. Both jewelry and divination packages are handwoven with the intention to bolster your energy, support you emotionally, and assist you in calling forth your own magic in the world.

Studio Kittie exists to support, empower, and most importantly, indulge your inner nature so you can step into your power as a conscious creator of your dreams.

About Kittie

I was born an artist with a deep connection to the natural world. Some of my earliest memories are of creating, and I spent nearly all my free time outside, exploring my oak forest backyard and imagining myself as a deer or a squirrel. 

I've always been a voracious reader, and I studied the arts in high school - sculpture, music, dance - which was perfect preparation for my eventual B.A. in Literature & Film studies. I worked my way through college as a fused glass artist and jewelry designer, which was total bliss. After graduation, I stumbled into the world of tech consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area. Computers are absolutely creative but, over time, I felt disconnected from my own inner nature and the artistic passion that had always infused my life with such joy.

And so, I embarked on an epic quest to understand how I could create balance between the ancient wisdom of my inner nature and the fast-paced technology of the modern world. I reconnected with my intuition. I started reading Tarot cards again. I set up a jewelry studio in the spare bedroom. Slowly but surely, the passion bloomed within. I felt like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

In the process of discovering for myself how to walk the tight rope between the fast-paced modern world and my perfectly wise inner nature, I discovered certain energetic patterns and rituals that are harmoniously interwoven between all of us and the natural world we inhabit. I began to encapsulate these patterns and rituals for myself through my favorite artistic mediums - talismanic jewelry and divination readings. They proved so helpful to my own personal growth and empowerment, I wanted to share them with everyone in the world seeking to find their own creative power. And thus, Studio Kittie was born.

Some Fun Facts!

  • Iโ€™m a darn good cook and baker. I even had a food blog for a while! My current culinary adventure: learning how to homebrew.
  • I love games, both board and video - my favorite are puzzle, RPG, and cooperative (e.g. PuzzleQuest, Skyrim, Betrayal At House On The Hill).
  • My idea of a perfect afternoon is to pack up my supplies, head out into nature, and create new jewelry or practice divination in the fresh air.
  • I have been learning more about my Nordic heritage and itโ€™s hugely influential for me right now.
  • My husband Danny and I currently co-habitate with five amazing animals: Aiden the Shiba Inu, Princess Leia the elegant rescue pup, Miles and Ivan the red-headed cats, and Norbert the ball python. You can meet them all on my Instagram!

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