One question.

One card.

Endless insights.


The I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is an ancient method of divination believed to be the oldest intact method in the world. Scholars believe it first originated in the 10th century BCE, and though it evolved over time, the I Ching used today is nearly identical to that which informed the lives of millions of people over many thousands of years.

To create the I Ching, scholars studied the natural world -- the sun and stars in the heavens, the plants and animals on earth, as well as elemental forces of fire, water, earth, and wind. They also studied the human patterns in their society -- family and friends, trade and politics, love and war. From these studies emerged grand, unified patterns of interrelated forces with one central nexus of understanding: all elements of life must change, and with acceptance of this change, there can be greater understanding of how to partner with change for optimal results.

The traditional I Ching is a collection of 64 unique patterns. Each is made up of six lines, has its own name, as well as a description of the pattern's meaning. The traditional method of reading the I Ching is to throw sticks or coins onto the ground, examine the patterns they make, then consult the texts to find the corresponding pattern's meaning.

  • Rather than using sticks or coins, I read the I Ching using a gorgeously illustrated deck of 64 oracle cards, each containing one unique pattern from the original I Ching text.
  • By calling upon the ancient elemental forces that created the I Ching, along with my natural intuition and divinatory skills, I will conduct an insightful reading that will answer one question or concern you currently hold.
  • When your reading is complete, you receive a real-time video recording of my process and insights, as well as an illustrated PDF guide withpictures, helpful information, and my intuitive guidance for optimal integration of your I Ching oracle reading into your life.
Kittie, my reading brought so much light to what has been lingering underneath. Thanks to your knowledge and your talent, I’m now aware of the forces which are involved in my current journey... now I know my next steps.
— Andi Rondestvedt

If you have questions and desire answers, I know I can help you find greater clarity and deeper energetic integration in your life! Together we will explore the most ancient art of divination in the world, and how you can use the wisdom uncovered to move forward on your path.