Studio Kittie Rune Reading - Three Runes

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rune reading product image 3 rune.jpeg

Studio Kittie Rune Reading - Three Runes

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This Three Rune reading for one question or issue includes:

  • An intuitive session using three Elder Futhark Runes
  • An illustrated guide to your reading (PDF format), complete with rune meanings and history
  • A Runic Mantra and Partner Rune for deeper support and continuing empowerment
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Additional information:

  • After you purchase your reading, I will be in touch via email to help you frame your question or concern into a reading-friendly inquiry. I then set aside time to do your reading and document the messages that emerge.
  • After the reading is complete, I create a custom, illustrated PDF guide that features photos of your reading and text of my interpretations.
  • You will receive your guide within three business days of submitting your question or concern.

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