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  Kittie Bernott   Tarot Reader & Intuitive Jeweler

I have used Divination as a tool for personal growth since I was fifteen years old, which is when I discovered how to channel wisdom and interpret it through my personal intuitive abilities. 

In other words, when I asked the right questions, I received specific answers. It was enlightening and empowering, and I’ve been practicing every since. 

I conduct my intuitive readings using the Elder Futhark Runes, which is the oldest known form of the runic alphabets. These runes are both phonetic and symbolic, which means they can be used both to spell words and represent elements of the natural world. The runes connect me with my Norse ancestors and Scandinavian heritage -- my own natural wisdom flows from this ancient place and it delights me to use it to help others discover clarity and wisdom of their own.

I love the way you were able to pull together the essence of what I was asking about... it was perfect. Really quite spot on... so very supportive!
— Michelle Smith

What makes a studio kittie rune reading unique?

  1. My personal system allows you to experience the heartfelt connection and immediate insights of an in-person reading from wherever you are in the world. 
  2. Once I know the question or situation you’d like to explore, I throw the runes and interpret them using my own intuitive process. Think of me as a messenger, working on your behalf to connect you to a clarity which already exists and is actively seeking to find you.
  3. I then record my insights and interpretations and send them to you in an illustrated Rune Reading Guide (PDF format) which explains your reading, and the nuance of each rune, complete with photographs of your runes’ unique spread. You also receive insight into your Partner Runes, which act as talismans for the next steps after your reading, as well as a Runic Mantra that I personally create to support you.

Once your reading is complete, you have the option to encapsulate the energetic medicine of your Partner Runes in a Runesmithed crystal or piece of jewelry that I create specifically to support and amplify your journey.

My gratitude to you for my reading. It was spot on. I am so happy for you doing this work. Please keep it up for the world and you. I feel at peace.
— Helena B.

The Art of Reading Runes is built on centuries of positive and artistic work for the betterment of humanity. It has evolved into a practical tool for understanding our higher selves.

Whether you choose the quick surface summation of a Three Rune Reading, or the in-depth insight of a Full Rune Set Reading, insight, advice, and answers are truly just a reading away.

Praise for Studio Kittie Rune Readings

  • That was seriously the most magical thing I've experienced in this life. I am so honored that you put your heart and WHOLE SPIRIT into that tarot reading. That was AWE-MAZING... it shifted me higher, it took me deeper... it was 100% affirming of everything I've done and am doing. I honestly am speechless. - Katie Anderson, flower essences practitioner,
  • Let me start by saying I love your voice. The reading could have gone on for hours and I would have listened to every word. And reading the PDF brought tears to my eyes... this has truly been amazing. - Jeremy K.
  • Whaaa! I had chills throughout the whole reading… I’m buzzing all over… I have this really big nudge that this reading is of the utmost importance. Really brilliant! - Christine L.

Elder Futhark Rune Reading FAQ

+ What are Runes?

The “Elder Futhark” is the oldest-known existing runic alphabet. There are 24 phonetic symbols in the Elder Futhark. These are called “Runes.”

The Elder Futhark is Germanic in origin. The runes were designed to be more easily carved in harder materials like stone and metal, which is why they consist of straight lines instead of curving lines.

Each rune represents a phonetic sound, as well as a symbolic meaning. This means the Elder Futhark can be used to spell words, pronounce words, and symbolize both words and natural elements. This creates a nuanced and multi-layered opportunity for interpretation.

The Elder Futhark still exists in its original form as carvings on Rune Stones located around the world. You can read more about them by clicking here.

+ Where do you conduct your readings?

I primarily read the runes in my studio, which is located in the redwoods just north of the Russian River in Sonoma County, CA. If the weather is nice I often read the runes outside, among the trees or by the river. And, of course, I have a special carrying bag for my rune sets - I've done some of my best readings on the fly.

+ Why should I get a Rune Reading?

You know that feeling you get when you talk to a trusted friend about something that's really bugging you, and they offer insight or advice that's so spot on, you get goosebumps and have a EUREKA moment? My rune readings deliver that deep, heart-based level of insight and clarity - and you don't even have to leave the house.

A set of rune stones is first and foremost a tool -- in the hands of a skilled reader, runes paint a picture of how the past, present and future are interacting and influencing your life. It doesn't matter if your question is broad or specific, the runes can deliver insightful and helpful feedback.

I truly believe intuitive rune readings can be helpful to everyone, because they help you gain clarity and get in better touch with your intuition, which in turn helps you make important decisions with confidence and peace of mind.

If you have questions about the runes and/or the process of having a reading done, I encourage you to contact me so I can answer them to the best of my ability.

+ What can I expect from my reading?

  1. After you purchase your reading, I will be in touch via email to help you frame your question or concern into a reading-friendly inquiry. The runes can speak to any question or concern, but the wording we use is important!
  2. Once I know your question or concern, I set aside time - usually an hour or so - to do your reading and document the messages. I sit in a quiet space and hold the runes while focusing on your question. My intuition tells me when the time is to throw the runes down so they fall in the pattern that will be interpreted.
  3. Once the runes have landed in their spread, I review their meanings, and then interpret the overall message they are conveying.
  4. I then create for you a custom PDF guide that features photos of your reading and text of my interpretations. You will receive your guide within three business days of submitting your question or concern.

+ How long does a reading take, and when do I receive it?

The reading itself takes about an hour. This involves settling into a quiet mindset, holding your question with intent, holding the runes, throwing them, and then recording the results. Afterwards, I compile your comprehensive PDF guide to your reading, including photographs of your runes, a thorough explanation of their meanings, and my interpretation of their message.

After you purchase a reading, I will send you a personal email with information and space for you to write down the question or concern you wish the runes to address. I conduct your reading, and send you your recording and personal guide, within 3 business days of receiving your question.

+ Can I give a rune reading as a gift?


  1. Click on the reading you would like to gift
  2. Add to cart and continue to Checkout
  3. Enter your Billing information
  4. Fill out the Gift Options section
  5. Complete the purchase

+ Can you use the runes to predict the future?

No, I cannot. The runes are an amazing divination tool, but they do not provide concrete Yes/No answers, or give specific Dates/Times on which to act. Everything about the runes is subject to intuitive interpretation.

As a reader of the runes, I use my personal intuition and 15+ years of experience to tell as rich and detailed a story as possible, but only you - the question asker - will know the true significance of the message they deliver.

That being said, the runes can deliver specific guidance and advice! For example, if you were to ask the question, "When is a good time to buy a new car?" the runes might not say "Next Tuesday at 8pm," but they could deliver a message that reads something like, "Now is not the right time to splurge on expensive purchases. Wait until you complete the project you're working on, and you'll find yourself in a more fiscally stable position."

Rune readings give the double-sided gift of guidance and caution, which in turn helps us avoid or more gracefully navigate the rocky areas of life, so we might always travel as smooth a road as possible.