You already have everything you need to take that next big leap... and this exercise will help you soar!

by Kittie Bernott in ,

I experienced a scary moment recently while sitting at my dining room table and reading a quote I’ve read many times before.

I don’t think you can truly know what you’re made of until you are in charge of your days. How you use that time, and the work you pursue, teaches you so much about who you are and what you can become
— Christene Barberich, Reinery29

What if I’m still sitting around waiting for someone to tell me what to do?

I nearly gave myself whiplash, cranking my (metaphorical) head around to look for that little voice with its terrifying query.

What if I’m still sitting around waiting for someone to tell me what to do?

There’s no way this voice was right. I’ve been working for myself since I graduated from college. I’m a solo time management expert. I get things done.

What if I’m still sitting around waiting for someone to tell me what to do?

It scared me to think that, deep down, I still believe a fairy godmother will appear to braid my hair, pack my lunch, and send me off to do the work I need to get done. That someone else could give me perfect guidance and take responsibility for the outcomes. It scared me because it’s so easy… so tempting… so safe. And so false.

One valuable lesson I learned this past spring during my unplanned business sabbatical is that fear - while unpleasant - is an indicator through opposition of what we truly want. When we learn to listen to our fear as an uncomfortable-but-accurate GPS for our hopes, dreams, and desires, our lives change for the better. The fear never goes away; but it can become an ally.

Because here’s the glorious, liberating, and slightly unsettling truth: you have all the power, all the wisdom, and all the answers you need within yourself. From the grandest idea for a new business, to the quietest nudge to seek help from a peer, your emotional GPS knows what’s up 24/7. The trick is to listen and follow its directions. 

One of the bravest things you can do is embrace this truth. You truly do have within you all the wisdom and magic you need to make your plans, dreams, and wishes become reality. It takes bravery because there are a thousand murmurs telling you differently, and like a Fairy Godmother promising to make it all cupcake-simplicity, their seductive song would have you believe you can find the answers outside of yourself. You can find resources, this is true; and help; and guidance; and helpful feedback. But only you can follow your GPS and take the first steps in the true direction of your soul purpose. 

One of my favorite inner nature strengthening exercises is to make a list of all the fears that are keeping me from taking the next step in the right direction. I write them all down on half a piece of paper. Then, on the opposite half, I write a fear-busting Truth I know to be true. Then when I’m complete, I cut the paper in half, burn or shred the Fears, and keep the Truth in a place where I can see it every day. It reminds me that my own Inner Nature knows what’s best for me, and I can keep the murmurs at bay. 

I believe, with all my Kittie heart, that your Inner Nature can tell you your next steps, and that your emotional GPS will point you in the perfect direction. All my work is dedicated to reminding and connecting people with this truth. And because I know the Fear-Busting Fairy Godmother exercise works, I created this one-page PDF that you can print and fill out whenever you feel those fears leading you astray.