The Day I Dressed Up As Myself For Halloween (and no one noticed)

by Kittie Bernott

In 2012, Halloween fell on one of two weekdays I worked in-office with a client and her small business. I was torn; the environment was casual, but I did not feel a costume would be "professional" of me. Also, I did not have a costume prepared, but I wanted to participate in the fun.

On a whim, I put away my good jeans, my black polo shirt and my work shoes. I put on my comfy jeans, my threadbare LF39M Molton Core t-shirt, my Portal long fall boot socks and my ratty Converse. I braided my hair into twin pigtail plaits and sported a tasteful slogan band bracelet (I forget if it said Geek or Gamer). It was chilly, so I shrugged on a hoodie, and set off for the office.

I was massively nervous. What would people say? Would they poke fun at my geeky appearance? Would they comment on how they never knew I was different? Would they say it was a dumb costume? It took a surprising amount of courage for me to walk in the door. But I did. 

And no one noticed.

I learned a valuable lesson that day, and it hit home hard: I might as well be myself on the outside, because I am already me on the inside, and clearly no one but me was getting worked up over what I was wearing. 

Plus, my Portal socks are super comfy.