Thoughts On An Anxiety Emergency Kit

by Kittie Bernott

I think I am going to find a big box, and fill it with things that are bound to cheer me up when I get down. Fun books, favorite movies, multiple varieties of candy. Maybe some comics, and pictures of my pets. Oh, and a couple of kids craft kits. I love me a good Paint By Number. 


I have lived with anxiety my entire life. It is a part of my physical being, and I put no special stock in it. We all have physical challenges, and for some people, the physical location happens to be the brain. 

Most often, my anxiety surfaces in social situations; sometimes, for no discernible reason, it surfaces as an overwhelming feeling of despair or hopelessness. It is as if I get anxious that I am not living my life to its full potential, and that vague feeling becomes a negative spiral.

The best way to stop the spiral is to focus on feelings of happiness and gratitude. But for times when the thinking is not enough, I really like the idea of having a box of happiness I can pull out and use to lift myself back up.