How To Clean Sterling Silver

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Many Studio Kittie pieces are set in sterling silver bezels, and feature sterling silver accents like jump rings. Sterling silver tarnishes over time as it comes into contact with air, the oil from your skin, and other substances. Luckily, a few quick and easy steps keep it looking as good as new!

  • Buff all silver surfaces gently with a lint-free flannel or microfiber cloth to remove oils and other dulling agents.
  • Use a different area of the cloth for each new piece to avoid spreading tarnish.
  • Rub in a horizontal or vertical pattern, following the grain of the metal if possible.
  • Avoid buffing in a circular pattern - it can magnify scratches.
  • Polish clean after each wearing to prevent naturally occurring oil and dirt from adhering to the metal over time. 

Dry buffing should be enough to keep the sterling silver clean and gleaming bright! However, if the jewelry needs a little extra sparkle, use a gentle wet polish to clean.

  • Mix five drops of liquid dish soap in one cup of warm water and stir gently to combine. (Use ammonia and phosphate free soap only, to avoid chemical damage. Not sure which brands are safe? Here's a great list!)
  • Dip part of a clean, lint-free cloth (flannel or microfiber work best) in the water and squeeze out the excess. The cloth should be damp, not wet. 
  • Gently polish the sterling silver in a back and forth motion. Avoid circles as they can magnify scratches. 
  • Use a dry part of the same cloth to gently buff the silver dry. 
  • Wet polish when needed, and dry polish in between.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about cleaning and maintaining your Studio Kittie jewelry!