Dress Rehearsal

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Everything started almost one year ago.

In November 2012, I purchased the studiokittie.com domain name (from Hover, love those guys).

A few months later, I got a Squarspace account and started experimenting with site design. 

In Spring 2013 we converted our guest bedroom into a proper studio, complete with my work table, shelving and space for my photography equipment. (Thank goodness for air mattresses. People can still stay over, as long as they are OK sleeping amidst the equipment.)

During the summer and fall, whenever I was not working as a SysAdmin or being social, I was in my studio - experimenting, learning, creating. 

I got clear on what I wanted to make and share with others. I worked out a system; I finalized a design process; I made things. I took pictures, built up the website; I wore one or two pieces in public to get feedback. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013 was a pivotal day in my life; my SysAdmin contract work was cut back from full time to part time. I had hustled to ensure full-time employment after I graduated and it was emotionally difficult to think of myself as a "part-time employee." Simultaneously, I felt immense freedom. I had time and energy available to launch Studio Kittie.

Nearly three months later, I no longer think of myself as a SysAdmin with a hobby. I am a jewelry designer with a part time job, and I am immensely grateful to be doing both kinds of work. The website looks and feels the way I always envisioned, with plenty of room to grow. I have inventory, I have shipping supplies, and I have a passionate desire to share it all with you.

This coming Monday is special for a few reasons. It is 11/11/13 and eleven is my lucky number. It is my second wedding anniversary. It is also the day I will formally announce Studio Kittie to family and friends. Shortly after, I'll send the official newsletter, begin marketing myself, etc etc. but for now, these next few days are my dress rehearsal. I've got butterflies in my stomach and a huge smile on my face.