Time Creating vs. Time Promoting

by Kittie Bernott in , ,

It has been roughly a year since I embarked on this amazing journey of Being An Artist Again™.

When I last worked as an artist (e.g. made creative things and was paid to do so) DSLR cameras cost thousands of dollars, drag-and-drop website creation was a lusty dream and supplies ordered over the internet cost more and took forever to arrive. 

That was only 5 years ago.

The artist's situation has improved dramatically. I am able to produce every aspect of my artistic business, from creation to photography to website development. In fact, as I continue to refine and stabilize my workflow, I notice the act of creation is pretty flipping short compared to the other steps it takes to get my pieces out into the world. 

Granted, I am not including all the pre-creation necessities like daydreaming, inspiration, gathering materials, etc. but I occasionally find myself intensely worried about this disparity. 

It could just be me, or my newbie workflow, but I am growing more and more curious: Do other artists and creators experience something similar?

The next time we talk, remind me to ask.